Open hardware for dengue control? Ask Angelo Mitidieri

Among the open hardware projects of the OHM Science Edition (Cohort 2), the focus on health is very important. That is the case of “Thermal sensor for intra domiciliary thermal monitoring in localities without reports of the presence of aedes aegypti”, a project led by Angelo Mitidieri Rivera, from Lima, Perú that aims to better understand the environmental determinants of Aedes infestation.

Open Indoor Navigation System: BLE

How to navigate large indoor areas where GPS signals are relatively weak, like very large buildings, underground tunnels and basements? That was the problem that motivated Benedict Komba, a Tanzanian final year student in the University of Dar es Salaam pursuing a BSc. in Telecommunication Engineering, to dig and research into open hardware. His project, titled “BLE based indoor navigation system”, is also his final year project in pursuing his bachelor degree. “BLE” goes for “Bluetooth Low Energy”. “Indoor navigation systems need a means of trilateration”, explains Benedict Komba in his final presentation. “A Bluetooth Low Energy was chosen over other near-field communication (NFC) technologies, on these grounds: low cost, low power consumption and high range”. The BLE solution interacts with beacon networks configured in server mode. This is how he details the system on his website: “Bluetooth Low Energy technology is one of the NFC technology which unlike other NFCs it consumes relatively low power. Also it’s a server-client based NFC that can be used for navigation purposes. How? It’s by having multiple BLE servers mounted on a building and configure a BLE client on a mobile application. The RSSIs on the mobile application accompanied by server’s UUIDs can be used to pinpoint the user in a 2D space of the building.” Following the roadmap of the project, this January 2023 it will be implemented for testing. “I’m exceedingly humbled and profoundly honored to be part of this OHM cohort. It has been a great pleasure meeting and getting to interact with different mentors as well as co mentees”, says Benedict. He also shows appreciation for his mentor, Ronald Tsatsi, “for always being there when needed”.

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Open neuropsychiatric research? Meet Royhaan Folarin and the open startle reflex apparatus

“The Startle reflex apparatus (with digitized electronic output) for Mice Models of Neuropsychiatric Disorders” is one of the medicine oriented open hardware projects of Cohort 2 (Science Edition!)

It is led by Royhaan Folarin, a Neurobiology Phd, lecturer of anatomical sciences and head of the Neurophytotherapy Research Lab, at the Department of Anatomy of Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria. He investigates the developmental mechanics of psychotic and neurodegenerative disorders using mice and Drosophila models. He is also the COO of Science Communication Hub Nigeria, and won a fellowship of the African Science Literacy Network (FASLN) in 2019. At the lab, Royhaan works to identify therapeutic alternatives to the detrimental antipsychotics and neuro-palliatives currently obtainable.

Neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia are usually studied through mice models. Patients of neuropsychiatric disorders like schizophrenia have been characterised by impairment in a phenomenon called Prepulse inhibition (PPI), startle reduction or reflex modification. This means that startle response in such individuals contravenes what is obtainable in normal individuals where a preceding weak stimulus (Prepulse) is expected to suppress the startle response to a subsequent stronger startle stimulus (pulse).

Celebrating OHM Experts! Their role in the program and the expert review week.

Open Hardware Makers program has three central roles, Mentees, who work to on their projects to implement open hardware best practices, Mentors supporting the mentee’s journey and Experts, sharing deep knowledge on specific topics. Here we share more details on the experts role, their importance to the program and their hard work during expert review week!

Nico Méndez open pipetting robot discussed on YouTube

On Wednesday 11-9, Nicolás Méndez, one of the mentees of the second cohort of Open Hardware Makers programme, had a conversation on live stream with Tiago Lubiana, host of Wiki Convida, a YouTube show supported by Wiki Movimento Brasil.

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